K5 to 8th Grades – Vickie Martin

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I love kids!   I love teaching kids and spending my workday with them.  I believe that every one of them has so much to offer the rest of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I relish 3:15 when I can bid good day until next time, but I find it intriguing to see how children’s minds work, to hear them explain differing things, and just seeing things through their eyes.  I believe the Kingdom of Heaven is made up of child-like adventure and child-like learning.

I was born and raised in the northern state of Minnesota in Duluth.  There is a part of me that can receive healing from being near the great Lake Superior, the rocks, the pine trees.  I feel my Creator there as I see the beauty He has made for us.

As a big sister, I mercilessly made up worksheets for my little brothers to complete.   I should have known then I was supposed to be a teacher, but I enrolled in the nursing program in college.  God had other plans for me and called me into teaching.  I know it was a calling because it has fulfilled my life to the fullest.  God also blessed me with a husband that supported me in my career, and children that survived through the long hours that I worked. 

Teaching for over 32 years, I never seem to tire working with students.  Students today are different because of the world we live in, but inside, still have the same needs as all children from all time periods.  They need to feel loved, appreciated, respected, valuable, and listened to.  They need to feel comfortable in a classroom so that they can learn.  And above all, they need to meet Jesus and learn how to grow closer to Him. To me, that is my greatest privilege – to let God use me to lead His little lambs.  

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